About LNB

About LNB

I am random. I laugh loudly - especially in dark theaters. A good play on words turns me on. I enjoy friendly competition which is great, especially because I'm not good at sports, darts, or anything involving throwing, really.

Don't hang out with me if sound effects bother you. I make lame jokes. I enjoy lame jokes. I find beauty touching, but I can make fun of myself with you.

My love of poetry has been with me most of my life. My first experience came in the first week of 5th grade at Long Valley Middle School. Our creative writing class's first unit was in learning the different types of poems - I particularly remember enjoying the haiku, and experimenting with cinquains and name poems. I also delved into song lyric writing in middle school, before developing my individual style of free verse poetry.

Here you'll find my random thoughts, poems and writing advice.

I may ramble at times.

Enjoy. Interact. Welcome!

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My Skills

From an early age, I was instilled with an appreciation for Shakespeare and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. I will never forget the couch readings of The Black Cat that haunted my creative spirit, or the extracurricular reading of Romeo and Juliet led by my father in a living room high above sweeping views of New York City's Central Park.

Beyond creative writing, I have been fascinated with Marketing and Advertising since my early years, which stems from a deep interest in the psychology of communication. I studied as a Communications major at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. My focus was on Film and Television, with coursework in psychology, philosophy and writing.

My first taste of Internet Marketing came with an internship as a Product Development intern at Toys 'R' Us, involving me in a project to re-vamp their product catalog. Later, as a Digital Copywriter, I honed my skills by managing the company's blog. This is how I taught myself SEO - experimenting with ways to get my writing read by online readers, back in 2008.

I have since had the pleasure of both freelance and agency experience in developing Internet marketing campaigns for small businesses and big brands alike. I bring my passion in writing and marketing to you, to help my fellow authors find the success they desire and deserve.

Skills and Expertise

Poetry Writing 90 / 100
Digital Copywriting 90 / 100
Creative Writing 75 / 100
Search Engine Optimization 90 / 100
Digital Marketing 80 / 100
Wordpress 70 / 100
HTML 85 / 100
PHP 55 / 100


Poems Written


Years in Digital Marketing


Wordpress Sites Built


Programming Languages

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