Let’s Work

Work of Lauren BridgesWant to know more about my talents and skills, and how they might be an asset to your business?

My resumé details my experience in marketing and SEO.

I’m looking for opportunities to utilize and grow my skills, work with other talented people and grow in personal wealth.

My passions besides poetry include traveling, enjoying an excellent meal, sharing stories with great company, playing games and solving puzzles. I love the outdoors and am happiest by the seashore.

My Dream Job

  • Involves marketing/promotions either online or offline, or a mix of bothWork with Lauren Bridges
  • Is working with a product/service I can be passionate about – ethical, exciting and innovative
  • Allows me to live and work in a location with culture, a forward-thinking community and a warm climate 🙂
  • Provides the opportunity to work on varied projects
  • Is in a company with a fair, honest structure that has opportunities for advancement
  • Fits in with a company culture that values teamwork and cares about morale
  • Has a kick-ass benefits package
  • Might need me to travel from time to time (and lets me fly JetBlue!)
  • Allows me the freedom to pursue my own ideas, on my own time (as long as I don’t compete!)
  • Gives me the opportunity to earn performance-based incentives