Ye Olde Mission Statement

May 18, 2016

My Mission Statement

Hello, fellow writers, muses, dreamers and smart asses… Here is where I will aim to inspire, provoke thought, promote joviality, inquire about our Universe, and create community. I want you to know that honesty, irreverence, and curiosity will all be rewarded here; Pettiness, rudeness and irrelevant, harsh remarks are prohibited.

My earliest memory of my budding passion for writing is poetry week in the 5th grade. From then on I’ve dabbled in numerous forms of the written word. I am a nerd for the English language. It has the power to make me cry, marvel, spur me into action, or sometimes, fall asleep. We don’t want to be among the authors of the latter.

There are plenty of resources out there for aspiring writers, but the best tool I always found was something that got me writing- a random quote, a location that makes you think, the flowery prose of others. Books on style, analyses of great literature, manuals for non-fiction haven’t the impact that a workbook of creative writing exercises or Writing Exercise of the Day calendar can hold.

My goals:

  •  To provide tidbits to inspire, spark conversation and get pens (and keyboards) moving
  • To become a resource for those seeking advice, guidance or support as a writer
  • To share my knowledge on various types of writing, fiction and non
  • To share my own writing, thoughts and questions about the world
  • To provide a forum for writers of all experience to share their thoughts, trials, opinions and questions

I hope you all feel welcome to participate in any manner you like. I encourage everyone to flaunt their passion. I am passionate about my love for the written word. I am flawed. I am proud. I am human and I am grateful. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

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